Friday, July 29, 2016

Last Wednesday we went down to Shirley boys with room 11 and  room 15 and 16 last of all room 7 when we got there we had morning tea.  After our morning tea we stood up and went in the hall we practised on the stage.  We were the 3 people to go on stage after as it was room 11. We had a lot of practises we had like 7. Next it was lunch we sat on the ground then after our lunch we sat on the chairs and did one more practise then after our practise parents started to arive so all the children had to get changed. The girls in our class had to get changed first then the  boys. We were the 4th class to go on stage. Some children's parents were not there when the show was over some poepole from room 12 had to go with Miss Smith-Palmer because their mums could not come because they were at work. Well maybe sink dads to when we got at Banks Ave school people got to have free time some peopole drew some peopole did not lots of people went on davisese and some peopole  played games only some peopole played on study ladder.  After when the bell rung Miss Smith -Palmer said you can go now so the chidren's mothers and fathers who could not come they could only pick them up.  At the end of the day only the people went home with their mother or father.    By Lea

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