Friday, June 10, 2016

The Art Gallery

Last Thursday the Tuis and Room 12 went to the Art Gallery to make and see Mari art.First Room 12 went up stairs to see the Maori art. Everybody on the painting had a moku , the men wore one all over their face , and the women only wore one on their chin.Next we went down stairs the Tuis went up stairs.The first thing we saw was glitter on a tv to make lots of moving patterns on the tv,some people felt sick after a while, but I got hypnotised.Then we saw a piece of art called sister seven which is made out of black pieces of paper and  then cut out with Maori patterns on it.Finally we went back to the room that we first came into with black pieces of paper,a pencil and yellow scissors because we were going to make our own sister seven piece of art,but we didn't finish it,luckily we got to finish it at school.

                                 by Leo

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